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Yanic Truesdale Has Read the Four Final Words



Yanic Truesdale, who plays Michel, has been a great friend to us Gilmore Girls fans, posting photos of himself with Melissa McCarthy, with David Sutcliffe, with Lauren Graham and with Jared Padalecki. We are truly thankful for these photos which show the long-lasting friendships that formed on the show and the love that has blossomed back on set. Yanic recently gave an interview with US Magazine to talk about what it’s been like to be back in Stars Hollow.

Yanic Truesdale

Yanic mentions in the interview how pivotal the ATX Festival was in demonstrating that Gilmore Girls not only had a core group of fans from the beginning, but a whole new generation of fans thanks to its distribution on Netflix.

“I think it reinforces how strong the show still is and how much the audience is still very much growing, and new generations are discovering the show. I think whatever was in the works then, I’m sure it kind of solidified the process.”

Now that the reunion is firmly under way, and Yanic has been back on set filming, he has some wonderful insights into what it’s been like to return to Gilmore Girls:

“There is a surreal element to it because it’s a place where we haven’t been in a long time, and even though it has been a while, the show has never really left us. There is not a day that I walk on the street anywhere in the world [where] I don’t have people coming up to me and talking about Michel and the show and this and that.

It’s like meeting a former best friend that moved away, and that you finally meet after six or seven years, and you’re catching up, and you’re kind of all nervous, but it feels comfortable, but you’re kind of getting used to each other, and you have changed and they have changed,” he continues. “After the first day of shooting, I just looked at Lauren, and I looked at Amy, and I said, ‘It feels like we never stopped.’”

We are so glad to have you back, Yanic Truesdale! And, those four words? We are SO excited to find out what they are!

“I know them because I read the script!” cast member Yanic Truesdale (Michel) tells Us. “I always felt it was intriguing, like everyone else. I was like, ‘How does she know the last four words?’ But when I read it, I was like, ‘Oh, OK. That makes sense.’ I can see now why she knew that that would be said.”

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Who is Joe Rogan’s Wife? A Detailed Review



Joe Rogan's Wife

Learn about Joe Rogan’s wife, Jessica Ditzel, and how she has influenced his life and career. Discover the answers to your questions about their marriage and family.

Who is Joe Rogan’s Wife?

Joe Rogan married Jessica Diztel, who is Jeff Conrad Ditzel’s daughter. She was born in Sugar Land, Texas on July 18, 1975. Jessica went to California State University for art and technical theater. She later studied psychology and cellular biology at the University of Arizona. According to The Cinemaholic, Joe and Jessica began dating in 2001. Despite his fame, Joe has kept his family life relatively private.

Early Life and Education

Her father is the well-known comedian Robert Schimmel. Jessica Diztel was six years old, when her parents separated. After her mother, Vicki Schimmel, remarried, Jessica took on her stepfather’s surname. After completing high school, she attended California State University, Long Beach, to study psychology.


Jessica became a cocktail waitress in a Los Angeles nightclub after graduating. A talent scout saw her and she quickly started modeling in fashion magazines and on runways. Inspired by her father’s success in comedy, Jessica decided to try stand-up. She debuted at open mic nights and became popular. Eventually, she took a break from her career to focus on her family.

What does Jessica Ditzel do?

Jessica Ditzel has worn many hats, just like her husband Joe Rogan. When they first met, she was a cocktail waitress at a Los Angeles bar. She has also worked as a product analyst at Volvo Motorsport and as an account executive for Robert Half Technology in California. Ditzel has modeled for the Korean brand Wholesome and has worked with multiple agencies. In addition to being known as Joe Rogan’s wife, she has established herself as a successful businesswoman, model, and TV producer.

Jessica Ditzel’s relationship before meeting Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan married Jessica Ditzel in 2009. Before that, she dated Keven Connor, a member of the R&B group “H-Town.” They had a child together in 1996 named Kayja Rose. 

However, they separated in 2000. In 2003, Keven Connor and his pregnant girlfriend, Teshya Rae Weisent, tragically died in a car accident. Jessica Ditzel and Joe Rogan began their relationship after these events occurred.

Is Joe Rogan Married? When did he get married and where?

Joe Rogan got married with Jessica Ditzel in 2009. They had a small ceremony in California with loved ones.

Who is Jessica Ditzel, and what does she do?

Jessica Ditzel was born on July 18, 1975. Jessica Ditzel is not only Joe Rogan’s wife but also successful in her own right. She started as a model and now works as a TV producer. She is actively seeking opportunities in the entertainment industry.

How did Jessica Ditzel and Joe Rogan meet?

Jessica and Joe’s love story was filled with serendipitous encounters. Jessica worked at a California bar as a cocktail waitress, where Joe noticed her during one of his visits. They connected instantly and the rest is history. Their relationship grew stronger through their mutual love for adventure, humor, and intellectual conversations.

Joe Rogan & Jessica Ditzel’s kids

Speculation arose when they started dating that their relationship would not last long. However, in 2008, they surprised everyone by having their first daughter, Lola. A year later, they got married in a small ceremony in California. In 2010, Joe Rogan and Jessica Ditzel welcomed their second daughter, Rosy Rogan, and have been living happily together ever since. Joe Rogan also officially adopted Kavyja Rose, Jessica’s daughter from her previous relationship with the late R&B singer Kevin ‘Dino’ Connor.

How has Joe Rogan’s wife influenced his work?

Jessica Ditzel supports and inspires Joe. Her influence may not be seen publicly, but she is his pillar of strength. She gives him love, guidance, and encouragement. With her support, Joe can discuss various topics on his podcast and grow personally.


Jessica Rogan has had a varied career, including modeling, stand-up comedy, and film production. Now, she focuses on her family and being a good mother to her two young girls. Her contributions to society and activism complement her impact on her husband’s profession. We anticipate exciting future endeavors from Jessica, as she is a fascinating and admirable person.


What does Joe Rogan’s wife do for work?

Jessica Ditzel, born on July 18, 1975, is Joe Rogan’s wife and accomplished in her own right. She began as a model and now works as a TV producer, seeking opportunities in the entertainment industry.

Who is Joe Rogan’s adopted daughter?

Kayja Rose is 26 years old. She was born in Atlanta in 1996. Her mother is Jessica Ditzel, who is Joe Rogan’s wife. Her father, Kevin Connor, was a member of the R&B band H-Town. Sadly, he passed away in 2003 in a car accident.

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Who is Kennya Baldwin? 



Kennya Baldwin

Celebrity spouses live secluded lives due to constant attention. They are rarely seen and their whereabouts are constantly questioned. Kennya Baldwin, a graphic designer, is the wife of famous producer and actor Stephen Baldwin. Recently, her personal life became public after her spouse was accused of cheating.

Who is Kennya Baldwin?

Kennya Baldwin, an American artist and graphic designer. She gained fame in the early 1990s after marrying into the Baldwin family. The Baldwins are a family of professional actors, including Alec, Daniel, William, and Stephen. Her father was a renowned Brazilian musician. He received the Grammy Award for Best Pop Instrumental Performance in 1974.

The Early Life and Career Of Kennya Baldwin

Kennya Baldwin was born in Brazil on October 24th, 1968. Her father was a famous Brazilian musician and her mother was a visual artist. She grew up in a musical household. In the 1980s, she moved to New York City to pursue a modeling career. Baldwin joined Ford Models and has since walked the runways for Valentino and Tommy Hilfiger, among other designers.

Interesting facts about Kennya Baldwin 

The Baldwin household is filled with famous people from the entertainment industry. Yet, Stephen Baldwin’s wife has not received much attention. This has sparked curiosity among fans about her whereabouts, especially after her husband faced accusations of infidelity.


Kennya Baldwin will be 56 years old in 2024. She was born in New York City on October 24, 1968. Eumir Deodato de Almeida and Mary Ellen Deodato are her parents. Kennya went to York Preparatory School in New York, graduating in 1984. She studied at the Parsons School of Design in Greenwich Village. The school is located in Lower Manhattan, New York City.

She has a rich background

Kennya Baldwin is from New York City, United States. Her parents are from Brazil.Eumir Deodato de Almeida, the father, has Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish roots. Mary Ellen, the mother, is of Brazilian descent.

Her father is a renowned Brazilian musician

Eumir Deodato is Kennya’s father, who is a music composer, arranger, and producer. He is famous for his work in Bossa Nova, a Brazilian music genre. He has won a Grammy Award. Eumir is also interested in R&B, Jazz, Rock, Latin, and Classical music.

She works as a graphic designer by profession

Kennya Baldwin is a graphic designer. She pursued this career after college. Her current employer is unknown.

She married Stephen Baldwin in 1990

She met Stephen Baldwin in 1987 at a New York subway station. They dated for three years before getting married in 1990. When Kennya Baldwin got married in 1990, she was 22 years old

Stephen and Kennya Baldwin are currently pursuing their respective careers. Despite facing financial difficulties and struggles with unfaithfulness, they have remained steadfast in their relationship. Additionally, their marriage has resulted in two beautiful children with equally memorable names.

Her daughters are models

Kennya Baldwin has two children from her marriage to Stephen Baldwin. They are Alaia Baldwin, born on January 23, 1993, and Hailey Rhode Baldwin Bieber, born on November 22, 1996. Both daughters are well-known models in America and have worked with top brands include:

  • Calvin Klein, 
  • Ralph Lauren, 
  • Tommy Hilfiger, 
  • Versace, and 
  • Dolce & Gabbana.

The eldest daughter is named Alaia. She is married to producer and entertainer Andrew Aronow. They got married on September 2, 2017, and recently welcomed their first child, Iris Elle Aronow, on August 17, 2020. Hailey Rhode Baldwin Bieber, the younger daughter, is also a model, media personality, and socialite. She has been featured in major ads for 

  • Guess, 
  • Ralph Lauren, and 
  • Tommy Hilfiger.

Hailey is currently married to singer Justin Bieber. After an on-again, off-again relationship, they got engaged on July 7, 2018. Reports suggest that they obtained a marriage certificate in September 2018, confirming rumors of a civil ceremony. They later exchanged vows in a wedding ceremony in Bluffton, South Carolina, on September 30, 2019.

Her Net Worth 

Kennya Baldwin’s net worth is estimated to be around $300,000, according to The Things. She has earned this through her extensive career as a graphic designer.


What does Kennya Baldwin do?

A graphic designer is a professional in the graphic design industry. They create images, typography, and motion graphics to design pieces. The graphics are used for published, printed, or electronic media like brochures and advertising. 

Who is Stephen Baldwin’s wife?

Baldwin lives in Nyack, New York. He is married to Kennya Baldwin, a graphic designer from Brazil. They met in 1987 and got married in 1990.

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What 3 words would you use to describe Lorelai?



Earlier today I decided to start a game with my Twitter followers. I asked: “What 3 words would you use to describe Lorelai?”

What 3 words would you use to describe Lorelai?”

I decided this can be a new feature here on the blog. We can go through all the characters this way! Well, I got some great responses, which I’ll use to kick-start this post:

  • fun, spontaneous, free – Maria Belfort
  • crazy, amazing, coffeeholic – Maii.Trueba
  • funny, adorable, passionate – Ace
  • coffee, coffee, coffee [jk] coffee, crazy, cool – Nadine
  • witty, alluring, real – DeAnn Sumpter
  • funny, sarcastic, babbly – Alix
  • quirky, caffeinated, awesome – Allyssa
  • impulsive, immature, immense – Amb H
  • talkative, witty, quick – agnesnutter
  • independent, erratic, strong-willed – Rebecca Farrell
  • beautiful, funny, authentic – Roberta Rosa Rocha
  • witty, beautiful, genuine – Anca Dumitru
  • witty, vivacious, head-strong – Louise Lowe

What 3 words would YOU use to describe Lorelai??


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