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Chad Michael Murray Leaving “One Tree Hill”



One Tree Hill

Just one week after his character got married on One Tree Hill, confirmation comes that Chad Michael Murray (Tristan Dugray on Gilmore Girls) will not be returning to the series next season.

Earlier this year, Chad called out to his fans to say that the network did not renew his contract for the show for monetary reasons, but that he wanted to stay on the show. Ausiello reported yesterday that after “high profile contract negotiations” over several months, a deal couldn’t be worked out.

Both Chad Michael Murray and his co-star Hilary Burton will be leaving the series after their characters, Lucas and Peyton, were finally wed. The CW is expected to formally announce their departures next week One Tree Hill.

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“Samantha Who?” 2.11 ‘The Dog’ Recap



"Samantha Who?" 2.11 'The Dog' Recap

Samantha (Christina Applegate) wants a baby, but she settles for a babysitting one of Dena’s (Melissa McCarthy) dogs to see if you has any motherly instincts. Howard (Kevin Dunn) and Regina (Jean Smart) inherit a plane, which causes Regina to take flying lessons.

Samantha Who? Highlights:

  • Samantha doesn’t have a green thumb – her plants “are teenagers”, rejecting her love
  • Uncle Walter has died – Sam’s Uncle Walter. Who she doesn’t remember. Thankfully Sam has a cute black dress to wear… 😉
  • At the open-casket funeral, Sam can’t muster up any tears.
  • Regina gets all teary about the “shortness of life” and the lack of any grandchildren from Sam, and Sam getting older.
  • Sam gets a baby put into her arms by a relative, the baby smell sending her into tears. “I want a baby!”
  • Walter left Regina & Howard a plane in his will – Howard thinks he’s taunting his wealth at them. Regina decides to take flying lessons!
  • Dena has adopted a new dog – a much smaller dog that Mr. Cellophane seems to want to eat.
  • Sam is looking into adopting a baby, but finds the process laborious. Dena gives her an egg to tend, to see if she’s ready for responsibility… Sam drops it.
  • There’s a photo of Andrea (Jennifer Esposito) in a gossip magazine with “baby bump” written on it, referencing “Tony Dane’s Love Child”, despite their fake relationship.

(Photo Copyright © 2008 ABC Studios / Bob D’Amico) MORE RECAP…

  • “That’s not a baby, it’s a bagel! That’s what I get for eating breakfast. One time in twenty years!” – Andrea
  • Sam picks up the new puppy and smells it, falling in love. She brings “baby’ home to the apartment, where he proceeds to jump all over Todd’s (Barry Watson) work
  • Todd doesn’t want a dog, and somehow knowing this, Baby proceeds to destroy his shoe
  • Sam discovers that Baby’s sleep pattern is not the same as hers. It’s morning just as she’s falling asleep.
  • Regina calls, Sam having overslept and missed a house showing. Regina has called from inside the cockpit of her plane, about to get her first lesson. Though the liability waiver freaks her out.
  • Baby has also eaten Sam’s Jimmy Choo’s. Ouch, expensive. Just a minute later, Sam goes back to retrieve her cell phone and Baby has destroyed the livingroom! Sam has to take him with her.
  • Sam’s favorite coffee place doesn’t allow dogs inside, so Baby barks like crazy. Frank (Tim Russ) is there, so Sam vents about her horrible doggy experience. Frank tells her just to keep track of Baby – just keeping him safe is good parenting
  • Of course, they return outside and Baby is missing.
  • Andrea is continuing to pretend she’s pregnant because stores are sending her cool purses (ahem, diaper bags). Though the bar knowing she’s “pregnant” means no alcohol. Pregnancy farce over.
  • Sam drew pictures of the dog, but it looks like a horse, for posters. Dena stops by to see the dog, but Sam tries to slam the door in her face.
  • Dena wants to see the dog, but Sam tries to pretend he’s sleeping, then that he ran into a closet. Dena spots the lie, but Sam covers it. It was all good until Todd walks in with Baby, after finding him outside.
  • Frank had to come get Regina from the plane – she’s too afraid to fly it. But doesn’t want to sell it and the freedom it represents. “I wanted us to be the Newly’s who have adventures.”
  • Frank suggests instead that they sell the plane and go on a trip to Bora Bora.
  • Dena forgives Sam for losing Baby – Todd had found him drooling over a shoe store. Sam says she felt like part of her was missing when Baby was missing
  • Sam decides to give Baby away, not ready to think and worry that much about something. She finds herself enough to handle. Todd seems hurt, I guess having the dog grow on him
  • Sam flashes on a memory of Todd having a book of baby names after Sam had said she may be pregnant. She wasn’t but didn’t tell him. Sam also discovers a teddy bear, that he’d been excited for a baby.
  • Sam goes to Todd to apologize for not involving him in the decision. Todd says he can’t play house with her. “It’s hard enough living here remembering we’re not together. And then you bring in something to care about and expect us to act like a family and I have to remember we’re not that either.”
  • Considering Sam wanted to approach Todd about his feelings last episode, why does she avoid them now?! Arg!
  • Sam says she’s not ready for a baby. Todd says “yet.” And later helps her nurture her newly bought plants.

For more Samantha Who? information, visit the Samantha Who? Season 2 summary page.

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